When booking, breakfast is negotiated additionally. There is a possibility to organize breakfast, but it is necessary to discuss in advance.

1. Bath complex (two baths with wood stoves, interior trim linden and cedar), a mini pool.

2. Free transfer from the railway station to the hotel complex and back to the train station only from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00. in weekdays. Also these days we provide a paid transfer from the airport. (There is no transfer on weekends and public holidays). At night and weekends we can book a taxi for you. 3. In the summer period there is a rental of 3 local plastic boats “Afalina-315”.Lodka_pricep lodka_02 Motor “Hankai @ 3.5 hp (does not require registration and certification for the right to drive.) Rental price: – rowing – 200 rubles per hour, motor – 300 rubles per hour, refueling with gasoline and oil separately – 100 rubles one tank (2.5 liters) .The passport requires a passport, or another document with a photo, or a deposit of 24000. For residents of the hotel, a deposit is not required, up to water – 150 m. Delivery – at the request of the customer: by self-transportation or hotel transport .

A discount of up to 20% is provided to those staying in the hotel complex. The minimum rental time is 3 hours.

4. There is a 2-level pontoon, where you can spend a corporate or family vacation on the nearby islands of the river. The Volga.

Pontoon is designed for recreation on the water: jumping from a springboard, a recreation area.

5. We organize fishing on the Volga River. If desired, we provide an escort in the person of a local fisherman who knows the places for easy fishing.

6. There is a visa support for foreign citizens